Gluten-free Tortilla Pizza


I’m currently running an experiment where I’m reducing the amount of carbohydrates I normally eat, and eliminating gluten from my diet. The big problem: pizza. One of my favorite foods, it has all the major food groups: cheese, meats, vegetables, and well…wheat bread. While I could start going for thin-crust instead, I felt that I could do better. Although Domino’s does have gluten-free crust available, it only comes in 10-inch sizes, and there is a $3 surcharge, so it’s not something I choose very often.

My original plan was to follow a recipe for gluten-free pizza crust found on a pancake mix box. You would think it would turn out soggy and “pancake-like” but as long as you spread the batter very thin, it’s acceptable.”Acceptable” isn’t good enough!

Randomly digging through stuff in the refrigerator, I found a solution which tastes surprisingly good.

Corn tortilla pizza!


  • Corn tortillas
  • Tomato sauce (about 2 tablespoons or more per tortilla)
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Pepperoni (or other meats / vegetables)
  • Italian seasoning


1. Put the corn tortillas in the oven* under high heat. Leave them there until they are slightly crispy. If a uncooked tortilla was 0% and a crispy tostada was 100%, cook it to 75%. In my experience this took about 5 minutes, but it varies depending on your oven. *A convection or toaster oven is recommended as the top part of the tortilla will need to cook as well as the lower part.

I'd personally cook a little longer than this, but it turned out fine

I’d personally cook a little longer than this, but it turned out fine

2. Spread tomato sauce, sprinkle cheese, and add meat or vegetables.


3. Place again into oven until cheese has melted. In my experience this took 4 minutes, but it can vary.

4. Remove from oven, sprinkle seasoning.

5. Eat!