Never Settle: Rantings from a San Jose Parking Lot

I am a man. I make no apology for my needs and desires. I refuse to settle because it is politically expedient to do so, because society tells me I must act or be a certain way. I refuse to redefine my standards in order to fit what others think of me. I refuse to lower myself and give up on my dreams and move the goalposts for an easy victory. I refuse to let temporary situations in temporary places cloud my judgement and distract me from the freedoms and opportunities that have been made abundant to us.

I did not incarnate onto planet Earth to suffer, to be a cog of this machine which grinds us out and spits us out for meaningless slips of paper which lose value with each and every passing day. I am not here to qualify myself, nor am I here to prove myself worthy in somebody else’s eyes. I will not simply look at something or someone beautiful like a passive, whipped, dog. I interact, succeed or fail on my own merits and should I fall I remember that nothing is truly permanent in this universe. The chances that are given to us and the chances we take should always exceed the chances we take for granted, because coincidences aren’t. I am not a coincidence, and neither are you.

I was born for a purpose. So were you. Do you remember it? And when you do will you step forward to claim it, or drown your sorrows and pretend it will go away?

Last night, I was stream-of-consciousness ranting at a group of people who were making shitty excuses for the state of their lives. This was what I remembered. I posted this on social media, but since nobody ever reads anything longer than 2 sentences there, it’s better here.